A new adventure

A month ago, my dad helped me by my first house.

It is overwhelming and I believe at some point it will be exciting. Right now, its still just scary…and I haven’t even begun to pay the mortgage yet.

I wanted to start this blog so I can document and really think about this process. Someday, I want to own land. Like a lot of land. With at least one barn, horses, chickens…the whole shebang.

But this, this is a smaller version of that. I want to learn how to start the boiler on frozen nights and how to make sure my pipes don’t burst.

I don’t want to battle raccoons but I’ve already done that. Another story for another time.

I don’t want to lose my car key somewhere in my back yard…but thats already happened.

I am a little afraid that this is going to be a place where I talk about only my decor or my nutso dogs but who knows, or its just a place to come to vent about how long it takes to unpack. A fucking long time if anyone is curious. But you know, I hope that I can keep this up, look back on it in 10 years and watch me grow from little baby homeowner to fully fledged, badass chick who can run a farm.

And so the adventure begins.