A Most Complex Form of Ventriloquism

Written/Directed by Ashley Brett Chipman Produced by Hannah Hancock Rubinsky

I was the Producer and essentially the Assistant Director on this film in 2012. We made it for the Louisiana Film Prize and Competition where we were asked to be one of 20 films to show that weekend. We also won the Louisiana Short Film Audience Award from the New Orleans Film Festival. 

A Most Complex Form of Ventriloquism 2012


This 30 second ad was for Southern Repetory Theater in New Orleans. Ashley Brett Chipman shot it and I edited this spot. 

Venus in Fur Ad for Southern Repetory Theater 2013


I shot and edited the next four videos when I worked for a British indie music website called This Is Fake DIY. 

Behind the Scenes for the We Are The Physics' video shoot. 2008

Acoustic session with Frightened Rabbit 2008

EPK for Model Horror 2008

EPK for We Are The Physics, 2008

editor/assistant editor

For the first two in this section, I was the only editor.

For the second two videos I was the assistant editor, I worked with the senior editor to rough in the videos, we then tweaked and perfected them in tandem. 

Acoustic Session with The Rakes 2009

Pre-gig session with Dananananakroyd, 2009

Music video for ZombieCake, 2010

Psycho - Amanda DuCorbier, 2011

This is the event I threw for my 30th birthday. I catered and curated the party...I also built the smoker out of a 50 gallon drum. We pulled the materials for decoration from my basement. 

This is a backyard wedding I helped to throw, we pulled most of the materials from my basement and set up on the day. I also made the miniature pies (shown in the last photo at the top of the first row) for the wedding 'cake'.

This was an event weekend that I co-produced in 2013 on Lopez Island. The events were a 300 guest Bat Mitzvah in the Community Center and an 80th birthday party. For this event, I consulted with the client on design choices, built two websites to provide information to the guests, managed the guest list, set up the venue and co-designed the paperless post invitations. 

This is the first set of photos from my Supper Club, Dinner at the Afterglow, the second installment is going to occur in March. Photos also by Chris Adimando. 

This is a photo shoot I organized in March of 2012. It is a parody of Urban Outfitters Catalogs that are seeming to use our real lives to sell clothes, to sell a lifestyle. I was one of the photographers, along with Jacob Goldwasser, Sasha Solodukhina, Robert Slusher and Michelle Nesbitt.